Avoid cracked nipples while breastfeeding

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Avoid cracked nipples while breastfeeding

Posted on: November 2, 2017

Written by Sylvia. O



Pregnancy is a wonderful experience which also comes with different challenges due to hormonal changes in the woman’s body. Cracked nipples while breastfeeding can be very painful especially for new moms, there are steps to take to aviod cracked nipples while breastfeeding.

  I experienced this wave of hormones while pregnant.

Sometimes, I found myself extremely happy or sad or even cry for no cogent reason.  We all blame on pregnancy hormones right!

 I was lucky to have an experienced registered nurse as a neighbor; she has a beautiful soul and always willing to help me with answers to my questions whenever I am confused with the pregnancy challenges.

As a working mum, I was not opportune to attend antenatal classes because I was not permitted for a day off from my work place for antenatal checkups, I was given the option of going for the classes and checkups then come back to the office that same day, anybody that leaves in Lagos knows how horrible traffic situations can be, commuting from a far part of Lagos to another was not easy for me, so I never went for classes.

My neighbor knew that I did not attend antenatal lectures; hence she was ever ready to give me free lectures whenever she is less busy.  

Nursing a new born can be tasking, especially if you develop cracked nipples during your first, few days of breastfeeding after childbirth.




She taught me how to care for my breast nipples to avoid getting cracked and painful while breastfeeding baby.

Whether you are going to breastfeed your baby directly or breast bottle feeding, these steps will help you avoid painful breasts while nursing your baby.



                           3 Steps to aviod cracked nipples while breastfeeding

*After shower, dry your breasts very well with clean towel.

* Apply a medium amount of olive oil on a cotton wool and gently clean the areola and nipples, if you live in a humid environment like me you will be shocked at the amount of dirt that will show on the wool. Repeat the process with new cotton wool dipped inside olive oil until no dirt is found.



* Gently pull the nipples out a bit, the oil used in cleaning the nipple area will lubricate your nipples and make it easy to pull, if you have flat nipples do not pull hard, for those that have pointed nipples, still pull a little.



This was my routine every night from 16 weeks till full term and the result was great, I did not experience cracked nipples while nursing my baby.

You too can give it a try.


Share your own experience by commenting on the box below.





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