Discover your sexual self esteem in Marriage

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Discover your sexual self esteem in Marriage

Posted on: January 16, 2018

Bring out that fire of passion!



Written By Sylvia. O

Many women do not enjoy sex with their spouse the way they should, due to low self esteem. Women needs to discovertheir sexual self esteem, it helps them alot in their sexuality. I was having some naughty conversation with group of Ladies on orgasms.  Some of the Ladies openly confessed to have never experienced orgasm with their spouse, reason being that they really do not enjoy sex because they feel unattractive and does not always leave the lights on while making love.

Low self esteem is a very big factor when it comes to sexual satisfactions in women. It is often psychological and needs self reassurance to get out of it. While partner’s encouragement and appreciative words will partially do the work, it can only work out fine if the person involved accepts herself as being beautifully made.

Body shaming, acts as number one factor in women with low sexual self esteem, especially after childbirth.

As women, our bodies go through changes as we progress in life, it is necessary that we appreciate and love our bodies as it changes.

There are certain things women should do to feel sexually attractive with their spouse without minding those full thighs, stretch marks or saggy boobs.



*Shop for head turning Lingerie, discard the old and lose ones. You do not need to break the bank to get attractive and sexy inner wears.

I personally, love shopping for lingerie, it works like magic whenever I put on new head turning see- through lingerie,



*Wear skimpy shorts, body hug short dresses without panties, for your spouse.



*Get naked in the mirror, appreciate and admire yourself looking at the mirror, imagine what you could do to your spouse if he was right there with you.



*Turn deaf ears to friends that complain you are too big or too small, focus on how beautiful you are.



*Above all, love your new shape, love your new body. There is nothing more powerful as self love.


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