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Posted on: August 14, 2017


Written by Sylvia. O

      Ankara also known as African print are fabrics used for sowing African, traditional, native and modern stylish designs.

Most African women own one or more Ankara fabric, African men are not left out either.

Growing up, I knew that African mothers do not joke with their Ankara, especially Hollandis.  Before now, Ankara materials were used for stylish buba or wrapper with a blouse.

Nowadays, with fashion trends evolving every day, ankara fabrics are used for quiet number of trendy styles.

Ankara fabrics needs to be in good shape to retain its beauty and style



In other to maintain the colour and strength of your Ankara fabric, here are four tips to achieve this;

  1. Do not wash your Ankara with harsh detergents, bar soap has always been number 1 soap used by most mothers to wash their Ankara. If you cannot get a bar soap, use a mild toilet soap to wash.

  1. Wash Ankara yourself, do not give your Ankara to the dry cleaners, you can also supervise the washing ,if it is done by someone else to be sure it is not over washed.


  1. The tip of Ankara are the most dirty part of the fabric, concentrate more on the tips especially those ones touching the ground or your shoes.



  1. Do not spread your Ankara directly under hot sun, rather spread your Ankara under a shield, and take them inside immediately it dries out.

Do you have other ideas on how to maintain this beautiful African print, let’s hear from you.

Write us to share your experience with taking care of your Ankara fabric.






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