How to stop excessive buying of clothes

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How to stop excessive buying of clothes

Posted on: October 24, 2017

    My friend’s wedding is coming up in two weeks, I have three full boxes of cloth and a shelf of shoes yet I am cracking my brains out on what to wear on that day.  I need to look good obviously, where do I start from, the time if fast ticking.

I told myself in this recession, I will embrace that accountant nature of pressing calculator on anything I want to buy. I do not want to spend on wants instead of needs.

I have resorted to bringing out all the clothes inside my box; I must find what to wear for this wedding, kilode.

At the end of the search, I still couldn’t find any convincing cloth to put on for the wedding. I am beginning to realize that I am just like many women; we just want to shop and shop ,buying wants and not needs. Men will  say, women and fashion!

The truth about me is that, it’s not really about fashion or style. I personally use shopping as a coping strategy from stress, if I am very unsettled or not in a happy mood, even if it’s 1000 Naira that I have left in my pocket I will enter shop to pick eye pencil or bra, ha-ha-ha.

Often times, our spouse does not understand why we have lots of clothes and still buying, yet anytime we are invited for an occasion, we are doing serious mathematical calculations on what to wear. If you are like me, let’s do this. Here are the solutions to excessive buying of clothes:



The first step is wardrobe overhauling, give out what you are no longer wearing to incorporate space in your closet. You may be tempted to keep all the beautiful or sexy clothes. Hear me out, the best way of finding out clothes you don’t need, is to bring out any cloth that have not been worn more than twice for the past 4 months. Trust me that cloth is not relevant.




Secondly, do not shop with your debit or ATM card.  I usually fall into the temptation of going for shopping with my card, once the money I have finishes, I will just rush to the nearest ATM to withdraw, trust retailers, they will always give you the option of picking more clothes and paying with your card, some of them will even volunteer to escort you to the paying machine. I mistakenly forgot my card at home one day and viola I was able to curtail what I bought. Trust me it works like magic


Learn how to say no, if you have fashion entrepreneurs as friends, your phone will be beeping with new designs each time they have new fashion stock. Learn how to politely and diplomatically say no if you recently bought clothes or if you really do not need new addition to your wardrobe.




Lastly, if you are using shopping as a coping strategy for stress, go for window shopping. it still gives the same feeling of relief from stress because you will be happy by just looking and admiring those beautiful dresses without buying them.

Are you like me, what have you used to limit excessive buying of clothes? Please share



Sylvia. O

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