My experience with Angel Sanitary Pad in Lagos

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My experience with Angel Sanitary Pad in Lagos

Posted on: September 19, 2017


      It’s a nightmare for any woman with sensitive skin to have itches whenever she is on her period. I have a very sensitive skin and will react to anything that is too harsh.

I have been on a rigorous search to change the sanitary pad I have been using for a long time.I have complained to a lot of my friends on how the pad  gives me itches, I do not even stay up to 2hrs to change my pad because of heavy flow yet it itches .So it is not even a matter of staying up to 4 hours before changing the pad.

I simply went to the market to meet my customer who sells sanitary towels and baby diapers, told her my ordeal and asked her to recommend a good product for my me.

She told me to use Angel sanitary pad, she mentioned that since she discovered the pad and has been selling it ,she doesn’t use any other pad apart from Angel.



I was skeptical at first because I told her, I thought Angel makes baby diapers, she said yes! As well as women’s sanitary towel.(Lesson: Brands should endeavor to educate their distributors,re-sellers on the benefits of using their product so that they can pass that knowledge to final consumers)

I was convinced that it will be okay, that was how I bought Angel sanitary towel, started using it and did not even feel any single itch throughout my period. It’s been 7 months now that I started using this sanitary pad and I am very much impressed. My main concern of changing the previous pad I was using was because of itching.

Of course, I returned to the lady that introduced me to Angel sanitary pad, and told her about my experience, bought more packs she immediately told one of her customer’s standing in front of her  ” that is the pad I have been telling you to buy”

NB:  Note this is not a sponsored post, it is my personal experience with this product, I am just reaching out to some ladies in Nigeria that experience the same itching with various sanitary towels because of sensitivity, to try this one and see how it goes. I am happy I experience angel sanitary pad.


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