Top 5 traits that will make him fall in love with you

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Top 5 traits that will make him fall in love with you

Posted on: November 14, 2017





Written by Sylvia. O


Adventurous/Fun loving: Men loves a woman that is ready to explore many things in life most especially in their relationship. He is always enticed whenever she brings up new exciting things to try in their relationship, it doesn’t have to be an expensive trip to the Caribbean but something quite affordable within his financial reach . You can introduce some type of relaxation bath once every week within the house with scented candles and sweet chocolate wine to go with it. Just think of something different every month to try out, He will be madly in love with you



Naughty inside:  Men let loose when their lady is sweetly naughty for him and him alone. Trust me he does not want you to display that trait where everyone is, he cherishes it if you only do that for him alone.  They like it when you are reservedly naughty ..hahahaha

Naughty talks to him, let him know how he makes you feel, what you are wearing and why you are wearing that etc.



Confident: Being confidence is a good trait to attract the man of your dream. Your man needs to know that yes, you are very confident with yourself and cannot be pushed into one corner because of low self-esteem.

Yes we ladies get bothered about some parts of our body once in a while, but do not allow that affect your confidence while dealing with your man. Look good, you do not have to be expensive, but neat and attractive. Do not be deceived by saying your man doesn’t care if you look shabby, trust me he does. A man is moved by what he sees.



Open : One of the many challenges in a relationship is inadequate communication.  Women believes her man is supposed to know that her yes means no and her no means yes. She also thinks that her man should know that, when she means I am fine, it means I am not. Frankly speaking a man has no clue of what you are expecting him to figure out. You should try and be open and blunt about what you feel and how you feel, so that he can understand the message you are trying to pass.  Be blunt about it, of course blunt in a polite way.



Independent: Gone are the days when a woman want her man to virtually do everything for her. Yes! He is happy to help you out to fixing your gas, call the mechanic, call the plumber and all that. But he also loves it when he knows that his woman can take care of herself without him being there.  Try and do some things for yourself, do not always depend on your man to do everything for you, he will be more attracted to you knowing that you are a big girl and can take care of yourself.


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